Mark Maren is an agent

Posted by Admin | December 11th, 2013

Mark Maren is an agent who, by all accounts, has been pretty successful in working with American Football professionals. He has been laboring in sports agency for over a decade, so he is very familiar with the field. Over the last eleven years, Mark Maren has excelled by working as an agent for players, both active and retired, in the NFL and CFL, meaning National Football League and Canadian Football League respectively. Mark Maren has, through his work ethic and commitment to players, become a respected name in the sports agency industry.

Amongst the players that Mark Maren has served as agent for, there are individuals who have played in the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Grey Cup, as well as other prestigious competitions. Mark Maren has worked with athletes playing both American Football and Canadian Football, but he has also served as the agent for professional athletes in different sports too. Mark Maren works as the Contract Advisor for his clients, working to ensure that they get every single penny that they are owed. Mark Maren looks out for the interests of his clients every single time, ensuring that their contracts work to their benefit.

Mark Maren has been active in American Football circles all over the world. He is a premier contact for players internationally. He has worked in just about every country where American Football is played. This includes working in a number of Latin American countries, Brazil, India, and Japan. He has also been able to get involved in the development of professional American Football leagues.